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Issues with Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower issues can be categorised into three fundamental areas.

1. Corrosion minimisation
2. Scaling minimisation
3. Pathogen reduction

Pathogen reduction is determined by the amount of free chlorine in the water.

Critical Issues in Cooling Towers

Health Issues

  • Public health via the HVAC system
  • The warm and damp internal environment provides favourable conditions for Legionella and other bacteria to grow.
  • Biofilms coat the cooling tower pipe work and provide a habitat and food supply for bacteria.
  • Corrosion also provides source of nutrition for bacteria
  • Build-up of algae in the system
  • Presence of protozoa and viruses

System Issues

  • Costly and dangerous chemicals used to control bacteria growth
  • Actual bacteria levels typically only monitored monthly, but Legionella can grow in 12 days.
  • Continuous ‘blow-down’ of the cooling tower increases running costs and potable water use
  • Calcium build-up and corrosion of pipes leads to higher maintenance costs.Breakthrough, World-First, pioneering technology
  • Processes contaminated water to yield up to 99.99% purity - free of viruses, bacteria & chemical pollutants
  • No chemicals added - uses biological agents & self-generating disinfectants
  • Core process based on electrolysis that is >80% more efficient than any other system
  • 100% Environmentally Friendly - no wastage or harmful by-products produced
  • Effective alternative to traditional chemicals and minimises potable water usage.

How it Works

  • The electrolytic cells oxidizes the Cooling Tower water creating natural biocides that destroy all pathogens
  • Biocides such as ozone, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxide and free chlorines are created within the existing water
  • These biocides also maintain clean pipework and ensure no ‘dead-legs’ exist
  • The treatment also coagulates all foreign matter into larger particles which are filtered (eg calcium deposits)
  • The combination of biocides and filters reduces the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and destroys all bacteria


  • Guarantees output of 99.99% pathogen free water
  • Eliminates all types of viruses and bacteria
  • Removes all foreign matter and pollutants
  • No harsh chemicals added to achieve disinfection
  • No OHS&E issues from chemical transport and storage
  • Water quality continuously monitored and remotely alarmed from anywhere in the world
  • Virtually no maintenance required except for removal of solid matters from pre and post filters
  • Compatible with other water treatment processes and add to their effectiveness

Cost Efficiency

  • Maintains TDS at correct levels without needing blow-down or any chemical additives
  • Reduces potable water usage by up to 90%
  • No chemical purchases required
  • Reduces maintenance requirements
  • Maintains clean pipework and reduces scaling
  • Water quality monitored constantly
  • Peace of mind
  • Typically a ROI of under three years


  • Can be installed over existing infrastructure
  • Flexible plant scale (eg from small domestic to large utility installations)
  • Treat 10L/min to 200L/min on single line
  • Treat up to 4,800L/min on multiple lines
  • Typical size is 1500L x 700w x 1300h
  • 3 phase power preferred (usage 0.4kW/1000L), but will operate on single phase



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